Corrosion Monitoring Services - Online corrosion Monitoring

Korosi Specindo provides a complete range of corrosion monitoring system,equipment and service to the Oil & Gas industries. Our company manufactures access fitting, corrosion probes , corrosion coupons, retrieval equipment and corrosion data logger.

Philosophy Of Corrosion Monitoring

The Benefits Of Corrosion Monitoring

- Diagnostic tool to track plant operation to flag significant process changes
- Confirms what you expect and draws attention to any off-spec
- Provides a management tool to assist the Asset Integrity Management
- Teams decision making process
- Allows performance differentiation of competitive corrosion inhibitors
- Allows different materials and metallurgy to be evaluated
- Helps operation meet increasingly rigorous health,safety and environmental needs by anticipating/preventing accidents and unwanted crude discharges

Why Monitor Corrosion

- Baseline; is corrosion within specification?
- Operational Constraints; How hard and fast and for how long we can run this plant before it collapse?
- Material Selection; What materials /metallurgy can we use with this proccess to make it last longer?
- Maintenance And what is needed and how frequently?
- Corrosion Inhibitor; Is the treatment effective?
- Economics; How can we reduce operating costs?
- Events Decision; What process variation facilitates corrosion?

What We Provide