LPR Probe System

LPR probe is developed for practical polarization-resistant measurements, corrosion current and corrosion rate, continuously. LPR probe generates two or three electrodes immersed in the solution attractive to convey electrochemical current through the solution from one electrode to the other when a potential difference is small, 10-30 mV, is applied between the electrodes.
Feature: LPR projecting probe is designed to provide fast and accurate results in which the conductive media, Flush LPR probe to the surface portion of the pipe and does not interfere with the work of pigging.
Function: To obtain corrosion rate data, operators do not need to pull the plug like a coupon system, and the corrosion rate data obtained after the data is read by Instruments of the probe (DCI or KSHHU) suitable for water and gas pipes. It is very effective to determine the type of corrosion that occurs in the pipes, the cause corrosion, and are often used in the selection of materials.