Product & Services

Manufactures and sales of two-Inch system Corrosion Monitoring & Retractable Systems:

Access Fitting Body, Solid And Hollow Plug, Protective Covers, Coupon Holders, Injection,Sand And Sampling System,

Corrosion & Scale Coupons, Retractable Probe, Retractable Coupon Holder, Retriever Tools, Service Valves & Hot Tap Tools,

Electrical Resistance Probes, Linear Polarisation Resistance Probes, Sand Probes, Corrosion & Erosion Probes,

On line Corrosion Monitoring Data Instruments, Data Logger, Multipurpose Portable

Technical Services

Our Technical Services provide the expertise to implement truly effective and efficient corrosion control through corrosion monitoring. Providing the best services to support the best products.

Design Services

Our design team will produce corrosion monitoring system recommendations for any size of installation specifying monitoring type and placement for maximum efficiency. If standard equipment won't do the job we offer cost effective custom design service.

Operational Services

Our on-site service team will install, commission, maintain and operate your system; collect data, prepare reports, service equipment and repair faults. Our equipment expertise is backed by our own factory support for spares and replacements.

Facility Management

Our multi-discipline team will manage your complete corrosion-monitoring programmer at fixed price contract. We save your management time, labour, inventory cost and unplanned expense and give you maximum value for minimum cost.